New Mountain Bike Park for
Real, Wild Unicoi County, TN

With breathtaking beauty at every turn, Unicoi County’s outdoor paradise beckons residents and visitors alike with a new mountain bike park in development . By foot and by paddle, the region has enchanted folks who hold a real, wild longing to connect with nature’s majesty. Why not by pedal? The proposed mountain bike park project offers the perfect opportunity to make our great outdoors more accessible while pathing a new path of progress for community and economic development.

A New Mountain Bike Trail
is Progress for Unicoi County

The Joint Economic Development Board of Unicoi County has launched a preliminary plan to develop the Unaka Bike Park into a world-class series of mountain biking trails and shared use paths. The board has partnered with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) Trail Solutions team to draw up a master plan for the potential park.

Trail Solutions has helped regional economic development and tourism organizations design and develop amazing biking parks. As the international leader in trail development, the IMBA Trail Solutions team has helped develop over 500 projects in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Joint Economic Development Board of Unicoi County and the IMBA Trail Solutions team have completed their preliminary site evaluation and master plan to construct what could be one of the most powerful new outdoor recreation destinations in the region.

Key Features of the
Unaka Bike Park:

Less than a mile from downtown Erwin.

Just over a mile from Interstate 26 access at exit 37.

Over 10 miles of trails with a wide variety of difficulties.

More than 700ft. in elevation change.

Perfect compliment to other outdoor recreation resources in the area like the Appalachian Trail and Nolichucky River.

Huge potential attraction for more visitors to Unicoi County businesses.

The Unaka Bike Park could have an immense positive impact on the area economy, as well as appeal to businesses and professionals considering moving to Unicoi County.

map. of Unaka bike park in Unicoi county Tennessee
Unaka Bike Park

How Could Unaka Bike Park
Help Unicoi County?

  • Increased property values.
  • Increased revenue for local businesses.
  • Improved health and wellness for residents and visitors.
  • Same-day visitors spend approximately $35 per day in local businesses.
  • Destination visitors spend closer to $193 per day.
  • New jobs created annually adding to total local employment revenue.
  • New, active pass time for local youth and adults tied to outdoor adventure.
  • Potentially as much as $1.3 million impact related to spending from mountain bicyclists.


The Unaka Bike Park team is excited about this new project and is seeking investment partners of any size to join us in making the park a reality. The proposed project has a current estimate of just under $2 million dollars. We are looking to area businesses, corporate sponsors, and individual donors to help us fund the park—which has the potential to return a substantial amount of revenue to Unicoi County through new companies, increased tourism dollars, local business revenue, and attraction of professionals from nearby larger cities to relocate.

If you are an individual or small business that would like to partner with us to bring a destination mountain bike park to Unicoi County, visit our DONATIONS page. We have a simple online donations form that you can submit with your donations. THANK YOU for your support and investment in this important new adventure!